Garnen Roasting Sticks

BBQ Marshmallow Roasting Sticks With Pouch

Parents, are you always worried your kids might get too close to the fire pit, but you don’t want them to miss out on the fun? These 34-inch extendable telescoping marshmallow roasting sticks allow your children to roast things over a fire from a safe distance, letting them safely join in the fun.
These marshmallow BBQ sticks are made of non-toxic and heat-treated FDA approved stainless steel. The high quality materials keep the roasting skewer forks from rusting and making them safe to reuse. Using reusable grilling sticks helps minimize the waste from onetime use disposable plastic sticks.
The 34-inch extendable telescoping skewers allow you to cook over a fire from a comfortable distance. Each skewer has an identical colorful plastic handle grip with a 360-degree rotating fork axle designed for optimum roasting. 2 prong rubber tips are included for each roasting stick, plus a canvas carrying case pouch for easy storage and transport.
This is a must-have barbecue accessory kit for families with kids, ideal for grilling or roasting foods like marshmallows, hot dogs, sausages, corn, veggies and more. The set includes 8 skewers, letting the whole family take part of the fun. Great for campfires, backyard parties, using a fire pit, barbecuing, camping and more.

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