Fosmon Controller Skin and Thumb Grips for PS5 DualSense Controller

Fosmon Controller Skin and Thumb Grips for PS5 DualSense Controller

Fosmon PS5 Controller Pro Trigger Extender and Thumb Grip Covers (11pcs)

[HIGH-LEVEL PERFORMANCE AND PERFORMANCE] Game at a higher level with and perform like the pros. Includes 2 trigger extenders, 2 ergonomic shoulder buttons, 2 precision rings, 2 short thumb grip covers, 2 tall thumb grip covers and a plastic pry tool. Compatible with Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense controller.

[ENHANCED ACCURACY AND ERGONOMICS] Starting to have some hand and thumb fatigue? Our thumb grips allow you to use less force, reducing wrist, hand and thumb fatigue being built with ergonomics in mind. Aim and track your enemies smoother with our whole kit. Use less effort and achieve better results.

[NON-SLIP AND COMFORT] Built with non-slip materials and with a focus on comfort, allowing for longer gaming sessions. The non-slip material grants more comfort, provides more grip and reduces slip while also being sweat proof. Game comfortably when you want, and how you want.

[TRIGGER EXTENDERS AND QUICK FIRE SETTING] Have a unique way that you hold the controller which makes it hard to reach certain buttons and triggers? Our trigger extenders grant you more responsiveness for less movement, and perfect for those with larger hands and longer fingers. The quick fire setting allows for rapid fire usage from your triggers as well.

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High-level Performance and Precision
Fosmon's PS5 trigger extenders and thumb grip covers are easy to install onto your controller and grant you a whole new experience. Be in full control with precise movements and impeccable aim with the provided precision rings. Make sure your aim stays on target and keep your win streaks going. Achieve the tournament and high-level gaming that you have always wanted. Compatible with the Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense controller.

Enhanced Accuracy and Ergonomics
The PS5 thumb grips are built with an emphasis on ergonomics by enabling you to use less force and hand/finger movement, which reduces wrist, hand, and thumb fatigue. Combining the thumb grips alongside the precision rings allows you to achieve the most precise of movements, enabling more stable aim, accuracy, and control in your games, whether it is racing, fighting, or first-person shooting games.

Non-Slip and Comfortable Experience
Fosmon’s PS5 thumb grips are designed with non-slip materials which enhance your grip and reduce slipping while you are gaming. Built with an emphasis on comfort and making your gaming experience the best and most comfortable. We believe that the best kinds of gaming experiences are those that balance both high performance and comfort. Forget about your thumb slipping off your joystick at those crucial moments.

Trigger Extenders and Quick Fire Setting
Fosmon’s trigger extenders offer more responsiveness for less movement, which is perfect for those with larger hands and longer fingers. Feel as if you are one with your controller with our trigger extenders and ergonomic L1/R1 buttons. Our trigger extenders are also equipped with an optional quick-fire trigger setting which allows you to press the triggers with the slightest touch, enabling you to press your triggers faster than normal. This is great for games that demand a lot of controller trigger usage. Use less effort for more results.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
This product includes a limited lifetime warranty. Please visit FosPower's website for more details.

Package Includes
2x Ergonomic L1/R1 buttons
2x L2/R2 Triggers (Ergonomic/Quick Fire Setting)
1x Foam Precision Ring – Yellow
1x Foam Precision Ring – Black
2x Dual Color Short Thumb Grips – Black/White
2x Tall Thumb Grips
1x Plastic Pry Tool
1x User Manual

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