JuzPetz Pet Bowls

Collapsible Pet Bowl with Carabiners

Are you tired of bulky and flimsy food/water bowl when you are traveling or when you are out and about? JuzPetz collapsible pet travel bowl is your solution to your miseries. This compact and lightweight collapsible design use minimal space, making it super easy to pack and bring along to any adventures.
Easy to use design makes it effortless for the entire family. Each collapsible pet bowl comes with a carabiner, makes it easy to hook to your backpack or dog’s harness, or fold it to keep in your backpack.
With JuzPetz collapsible pet bowl, you can feed and hydrate your pet continuously when you are on the go. Each bowl holds up to 12oz of water and up to 1.5cups of food, depending on the size of the kibble.
We encourage you to wash your pet bowl after each use. Our collapsible pet bowl is top-rack dishwasher safe for easy, no hassle cleaning.

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JuzPetz Pet Collars

Rechargeable LED Dog Collar

Research has proven that majority of the fatal accidents that occur at night involving pets and pedestrians are due to low visibility. Increase your pet's visibility with our LED dog collar, which has 5 bright LEDs and is visible over 300 feet/91 meters away in open conditions.
While most rechargeable LED dog collars on the market use USB to 2.5mm DC charging port, JuzPetz LED dog collar uses a micro-USB charging port. Don't worry if you misplace your charging cord - you can just use any micro-USB cable to charge. The micro-USB takes 90 minutes to charge and gives you 5 hours of continuous light. One full charge will last for over a week's worth of walks. Forget about replacing the batteries or getting a new LED dog collar.
Constant, Fast Flash and Slow Flash give you options for any lighting condition.
A water-resistant nylon webbing, ABS plastic buckle, and reinforced alloy D ring make up a collar that will work for even the strongest dog. The LED dog collar is also fully adjustable to ensure a snug fit for your dog.

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