WavePoint 125V/15A Wireless Outlet Plug with Wall Switch & Braille (On/Off) Mark (2 Outlet + 1 Remote Control) - White

WavePoint 125V/15A Wireless Outlet Plug with Wall Switch & Braille (On/Off) Mark (2 Outlet + 1 Remote Control) - White

Replacement Remote for C-10785US

Replacement Remote for C-10785US

WavePoint 125V/15A Wireless Remote Control Outlet Switch (5 Outlets + 2 Remote Controls) - White

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Fosmon’s wireless outlet switch allows you to remotely turn your light or fan on and off with a remote control. By simply plugging the receiver into an outlet and pairing it with the remote, you can turn the outlet on and off with a simple click. It is perfect for lighting, electronics, or small appliances, including lamps, fans, heaters, humidifiers, routers, and more.

The remote control is able to pair with the outlet plug in any combination you need. You can set up one button to control one or multiple outlets. Two remotes allow you to control one outlet from different rooms, or keep one as a backup. The RF remote woks through walls or furniture without line-of-sight, and is capable of 80ft remote range in an open area.

Unlike other bulky remote plugs that either only fit one piece or occupy both receptacles in a duplex outlet, the Fosmon wireless plug can fit one or two plugs in a duplex outlet. The low profile construction (2.4x1.5x1.3 inch / 6.0x3.8x3.3 cm) makes it easy fit behind furniture or in hard-to-reach areas.

The safety and quality of the wireless remote plug is ETL certified, and the 3-prong grounded outlet provides an extra protection. The wireless plug is rated 120V/15A 1800W general purpose, 1200W Tungsten, and ½ HP. It is compatible with LED, CFL, and incandescent.

Join millions of satisfied customers with our limited lifetime warranty, backed by our experienced and dedicated USA based customer service.

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Wireless Outlets with a Remote Control
The Fosmon wireless switch allows you to easily upgrade your standard outlet to a remote controlled outlet. With the 5 outlet pack, you can easily control lights, electronics, or small appliances in hard-to-reach areas with a single remote.

80FT RF Remote Control
The RF remote can work up to 80 feet in an open area. When used indoors, it is able to work through walls and furniture. The remote control is able to individually turn on and off each outlet, or control multiple outlets simultaneously with one button. Two remotes come in handy when you need to control outlets in different locations.

Compact Plug with ETL Certification
Due to its compact and lightweight design, you can have the neighboring outlet available for other devices, or use two remote plugs on a duplex outlet. The safety of this remote outlet switch is certified by ETL. The plug is rated 120V 15A 1800W resistive, 1000W Tungsten, and 1/2HP.

Easy Installation and Multiple Uses
Using these plugs is as simple as plug-and-play. Simply plug the Fosmon outlet into an AC socket, then press a remote button to pair (remote batteries included). The plugs and remotes are compatible with Fosmon indoor/outdoor remote control outlets, C-10683, C-10741US, and C-10780US. They are great for lighting, heaters, fans, humidifiers, aquariums, and much more.

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Fosmon has served millions of customers for more than 10 years and every product comes with a limited lifetime warranty. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, reach out to our experienced and dedicated USA based customer service for support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please refer to Fosmon's website for more information.

-Max Range in Open Area: 80ft / 24.4m
-125VAC 60Hz, 15A Resistive or General Purpose
-125VAC 60Hz, 10A 1250W Tungsten
-125VAC 60Hz, ½ HP, TV-5
-Remote Battery: 1.5V AAA Battery
-Radio Frequency: 433.92MHz
-Transmitter Duty Cycle: <10%
-Receiver Category: Class 3

Package Includes
5x Wireless Outlet Plug
2x Remote Control
4x 1.5V AAA Batteries
1x User Manual

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